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Do you feel like you can’t focus in the afternoon? Do you often feel tired after lunch and have a hard time concentrating? Do you wake up in the morning feeling like you only just closed your eyes?

All of this could be related to your blood sugar levels. Your body responds differently to food, sleep, and exercise; and your blood glucose levels are the most important indicator of these changes.

What is blood glucose / blood sugar? 

Glucose is always present in our bloodstream but glucose levels rise and fall throughout the day, after every meal or snack that contains carbs.

How does it work?
Your blood sugar levels vary throughout the day, but the hormones insulin and glucagon keep them within a healthy range overall. (Ideally your blood sugar levels are between 80-110mg/dl, when you’re not eating or working out.) Insulin is the hormone responsible for transporting glucose into your cells, lowering your blood sugar levels. The more carbs you eat, the higher your blood sugar goes and the more insulin is needed to bring the blood sugar levels back down again. 

Why should I care about my blood sugar?

Short-term benefits:

- Increased energy levels (less tired)
- Decrease cravings
- Avoid mood swings
- Have higher-quality sleep
- Improve your skin

Long-term benefits:

- Manage your weight
- Better muscle-to-fat ratio
- Reduce premature aging
- Prevent diseases such as diabetes & cardiovascular disease

Why should I care about my blood sugar?

NO.While there are some general tips for balancing blood sugar, every body is unique and so is every blood sugar reaction. A CGM (continuous glucose monitor) will help you recognize and analyze your individual patterns. Hello Inside can help guide you through your own blood sugar journey.

Carb cycling: Höhen und Tiefen

Combine Foods
Eating the right nutrients (fats, protein etc.) together is a great way to balance your blood sugar levels. You can test yourself how different combinations of nutrients affect your blood sugar. For example, combining ADONiS Keto Crackers with some kind of protein (eg. ham, egg, cheese) has little-to-no effect on blood sugar levels, unlike regular crackers (see results below).

Get Moving
Just 10-20 minutes of moving around is enough to improve your mood and lower your blood sugar. After lunch, take a walk around the block or with the dog. If you're at the office and are short of time, take a walk around the building or car park - you could even try getting your colleagues involved!

Snack Smart
If you're craving something sweet, go for an ADONiS Bar over a regular protein bar as it has a way smaller impact on your blood glucose levels (see results below). Another option would be greek yogurt with berries & nut butter. If you want something savoury, nuts or vegetables with hummus are the perfect choice. Nuts provide you with important fats and keep you full for longer. But beware of trail mixes: the dried fruits (raisins, cranberries, etc.) are full of sugar.

Remember: Everyone is Different
While some hacks and tricks might work for you, others won’t and this is okay. Our bodies are very individual and so is our blood sugar. You can try out the Hello Inside App to see what works best for your body and which small habits make a difference to you personally.

Keto & Blood Sugar

There is more to a keto diet than just eating a lot of fat. A well crafted ketogenic diet can be a great tool for managing an individual’s health, such as losing weight or reducing the risk for diabetes type 2 and Alzheimer’s disease.

During a keto diet the body shifts to be almost exclusively in “fat burning mode” as a result of low insulin levels. There are many factors that can impact ketosis, such as exercise, sleep and stress, which are the same factors that also impact your blood sugar. This is no coincidence since Ketones and glucose are interconnected.

At Hello Inside, we neither recommend nor advise for or against a ketogenic diet. It’s an individual’s decision. We do, however, recommend monitoring your blood sugar levels, because they significantly impact how you feel and your body functions. 

Hello Inside

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